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Via Luca’s methodology is inspired by the skilled Italians who design and produce the clothing we sell, matched with the desires of today’s selective shopper, who questions the honesty of the ‘made in’ label found in many brands. While honoring the traditions of the Italian families who started their manufacturing businesses generations ago, and the talents of the people who continue to work in these communities, Via Luca guarantees transparency and authenticity of every item we offer you as made by Italians.

In 2017, Via Luca was founded and conceptualized by fashion industry executive, Rachelle Giroux, who first began her luxury menswear career in 1991 in Asia. In 1997 she then moved on to manage USA/Canada to hold the position of President for Ermenegildo Zegna and Paul & Shark for a combined 20 years. During these years, she has lived, worked and traveled extensively across three continents, gaining in-depth experience and industry contacts within the luxury manufacturing and wholesale industries. ‘Via Luca’ (which means street in Italian) is not an actual street in Italy, but a new virtual road to discover together.

Rachelle with Equipage

Rachelle with Trouser specialist Equipage

Who Makes the Clothes 

The family businesses we present to you were able to resist transferring their production operations outside of Italy despite economic and commercial pressures. They have been committed to their employees and together have been able to maintain the expertise and culture of what defines ‘Made in Italy’. Their passion and determination to carry on the Italian tradition in Italy has been a challenge and we support them by selling direct to you.

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Via Luca is where you will find clothing and accessories that are designed and manufactured in Italy by Italians. The brands we showcase are known in the fashion industry as some of the best specialists for manufacturing the finest menswear categories. For them, Via Luca is a platform to sell their beautiful product direct to you and where we share their family’s story with you.

Via Luca is your resource for limited edition, exclusively from us, high quality Italian-made fashion. We aim to deliver a truly luxurious piece of authentic Italy to your doorstep.  If there is something special you are seeking from or within Italy, let us know and we’ll do our best to satisfy your request. Our families will let you in on the best kept secrets. 

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