Marco Finardi, founder/owner of Marfin is from Cremona. He has always been fond of traditional shaving and tobacco pipes.

In 2013 he decided to create the perfect brush for himself as he was not satisfied with those on the market:

"Passion is the result of originality and uniqueness above all. Having something really mine, perfectly unique and one of a kind, was the driving force that inspired the creation of the Marfin shaving brushes."

The inspiration comes from luxury pipes: Marco Finardi uses only the finest Italian briarwood mixing the purest Silvertip badger hair, exclusively made for him by a Florentine craftsman. He personally follows through each step of the process—visiting the sawyer in Tuscany and Liguria—selecting only the best briarwood pieces to work with by hand, without the lathe, creating every time a original and unique shape.

The briarwood is exclusively colored with natural ingredients and afterwards, the handle is plunged for several days into the finest citrus scented Tung Oil. This treatment keeps the briarwood waterproof. After drying for several days, the handle is polished with increasingly fine powder. Finally to guarantee a further protection, the handle is polished with pure Carnauba Wax.

The result is a precious object, extremely pleasant to use. Each brush is a unique piece of rare value, there are no identical copies; in fact, every piece comes with its own numbered warranty, autographed and sealed with wax. A masterpiece of patient and refined Italian craftsmanship.


Marco Finardi - Founder and owner of Marfin

Marco Finardi: founder and owner of Marfin.

The detailed carving process—no two creations are alike.

The detailed carving process—no two creations are alike.

Cremona, Italy

Cremona, Italy—where Marfin products are crafted.