What do Italian men wear in spring?

Style can and should be stolen. Whether from the catwalks or current street style looks, everyone needs some inspiration. Knowing how to dress in Italy and how to nail the Italian style is something that we can take from the Italian men themselves.  So we asked our Italian specialists what the Italian men wear in spring and here are their choices.


Spring Lookbook 1: Classic Blue

We all love blue, so do the Italians. In springtime, wear a blue shirt paired with blue flat front wool pants. Top this off with a finely knitted blue cardigan - Voila, you find yourself an authentic Italian look for your office wear! 

"I propose this micro-patterned shirt because it has a subtle print with an elegant look"  ---- Marco from shirt specialist Bruli.

"This flat front wool trouser is great for spring because it is light wool and suited for both office and casual wear" ---- Luigi from Trouser specialist Equipage.

"I think it's no exaggeration to say every Italian man has a blue cardigan" --- Florence from knitwear specialist AlessandroSimoni.


Spring Lookbook 2: Casual Chic

It can get hot in the spring too. In those days you’ll probably need no more than a comfortable silk or blended cashmere silk polo. Stay cool while enjoying the sun!  Oh, did we mention Italians love loafer shoes? One can never go wrong to pair their outfit with a pair of hand crafted leather loafers.

"This off-brick color polo in a retro style makes you stand out"  ---- Florence from knitwear specialist AlessandroSimoni

"A pair of loafer shoes go a long way so you want to make sure it is made from the best leather and craftsmanship " ---- Patrick our our shoe specialist at Patrick Zamparini.



Spring Lookbook 3: Travel Essentials

Spring season is travel season. A cotton polo that goes well with most of your trousers is a must-have, as well as a cashmere-cotton full zip sweater that can keep you warm when the weather turns chilly indoors or out. 

 "Italian men value the quality of leather and its simplicity of design. That's why this travel bag is definitely something you want to carry" ---- Veronica from accessory specialist Atelier Lava.


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