End of Year Splurge

Indulge In Yourself This Holiday Season |  Via Luca 

 by Rachelle Giroux


If you've been as frantic as most of us have been this year, you can't wait to set aside some time to spend with family and friends.  Or perhaps, you need to simply relax and take advantage of some hard earned time off as the year comes to an end.  In the spirit of "you", we suggest for you to indulge in some of the finest and exclusive items that Italy has to offer and feel good about it!



Marfin Shaving Set 


Handcrafted by artisan Marco Finardi of Cremona, Italy, this unique razor and brush set is one-of-a kind art that you can be proud to singularly own.  Your tenth shave with a MACH3 blade should feel better than your first shave with a new disposable. The Responsive Blade Suspension keeps the blades in close contact with your skin. 


The brush base is made of Italian briar wood found in the Tuscan Emiliano region of Italy. The Silver Tip Badger hair is the most highly desired, the fibers are soft, as well as flexible and strong, offering a great feeling while creating a rich and lathery shaving foam.



Hand painted Leather Belt  & Shoes

Patrick Zamparini's shoes look elegant and refined, and they're comfortable too!  You have to try them on to feel how they're not like other new leather shoes; that need time to be broken into.  This handmade pair made in the Veneto region of Italy, was selected by us for comfort and your distinct sartorial taste.  To bring it together we selected a hand painted belt to pair our shoes with.




Cashmere Cardigan

Need we say more?  This item WILL become your 'go to' soft jacket for as often as your social calendar will allow you to wear it.   Made from the finest cashmere and knitting machines of AlessandroSimoni in Piedmont, Italy. 




Cashmere Fall Jacket

Exclusively ours.  100% Cashmere with multiple hues of brown and tan colors.   This Via Luca jacket pairs well with those classic wool trousers or with your favorite jeans for a more casual look on cooler days.    



Getaway Bag

Atelier Lava of Bologna has just the duffel bag for you to be seen carrying this holiday getaway ~ or any time you need to pack a few essentials for your excursion. Our chocolate brown calf skin leather has contrast linen colored stitching with two exterior pockets for easy access to your personal items.  An original.



Wool Base Layer


No man should be without a Bandavej 100% wool base layer this winter.  Their patented technology fabric will keep you warm and dry no matter if your work or play brings you to the outdoors.   We even have surgeon customers who perform surgery in this jersey to stay dry while operating.  YOU HAVE to try this base layer and what better occasion than when you burn off those holiday calories outdoors!





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