Collaboration with Italian Bass Baritone Luca Pisaroni

Via Luca is proud to announce our collaboration with Luca Pisaroni as our leading brand ambassador.

Rachelle Giroux, our founder stated “Luca and I met recently and were inspired by each other’s work and passion for Italian culture and heritage craftsmanship.  Luca is an international performer with extreme talent and we are super proud to partner with him to represent our brand of authentic Italy to his audience and ours.

Luca Pisaroni performing on stage

The partnership between Via Luca and Luca Pisaroni could not be a better fit, considering not only the same name “LUCA” but more importantly the origin of both being proud of having an Italian heritage.   Via Luca, is an exciting and new approach for luxury consumers to buy authentic made in Italy menswear and product to a market segment currently being served by the global luxury brands.   With advanced manufacturing capabilities and the opportunity for unlimited growth by these Italian family businesses, Via Luca and Luca Pisaroni have a common “voice” they want to share with their audience that seeks an original production.

Via Luca

Via Luca represents authentic Italy

Luca Pisaroni, states “I am honored to collaborate with Via Luca, a company with a unique mission that is near and dear to my heart. The pieces sold by Via Luca are individually selected by Rachelle and her team and are handcrafted in Italy by artisans who have kept their businesses local and have passed down their knowledge through several generations. This kind of dedication and craftsmanship is very similar to the process of rehearsing an opera. Everything takes a great amount of time and care and is done by a specially trained team that works together to create something extraordinary and unforgettable. People are often surprised when they experience the end result in the opera house and learn the amount of effort it takes to put one performance on stage, or in Via Luca's case, the creation of an elegant, timeless, and long-lasting piece of clothing. This work is all done with such love and dedication, and rather than seeing just the tip of the iceberg, we should all take the opportunity to discover the origin of the goods we purchase, much as we do with fine wine and local foods."

Via Luca

Via Luca only works with family businesses that have lasted for generations

"I personally believe that this kind of production needs to be promoted not only in my home country of Italy but around the world, otherwise we will continue to see lesser quality goods produced on a mass scale, with no protection for the employees. As an opera singer who travels the world, I take pride in wearing clothing and accessories that fit me well and instill a confidence in my appearance. I'm proud of my Italian heritage, and whenever possible I prefer to wear Items that have a special history and a certain level of quality. These creators take pride in their work, as I do mine. I couldn't be happier to begin this partnership with Via Luca, not only to wear their incredible items while I'm on the road, but to also share the stories of the talented Italian artisans who bring these pieces to life."

Luca made a selection of clothing that highlights outfits that are both casual and elegant for his appearances and rehearsals. Check out Luca's picks collection.  

This announcement is also reported on WWD and Essential Homme. Click link for details.


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