Summer places in Italy and What to Wear

There’s more to Italy than Rome, Venice, and Florence. A visit to one of the resort towns will allow you to experience the country’s quaint, rich, coastlines and tiny villages. Here’s our pick of three must-see places this summer and what to wear during your visit.

------  Cinque Terre, Liguria -----

The northern region of Liguria is home to an absolutely stunning coastline known as the Italian Riviera, with Cinque Terra, a group of five villages as its five jewels in the crown. Here you will find a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails.

Whether you plan to bike through the intricate twists and turns, or kick back at a waterfront table in Vernazza, a glass of wine in hand, our summer collection keeps you cool and comfortable while perfectly not straying far from the noble vineyards of Italy.

--------- Capri Island ---------

On the resort island of Capri, life is slow, peaceful, and stress-free. But the fashion of the people who visit is refined, casual, and light.

Inspired by the bright, happy colors of Capri, our summer collection blends Mediterranean colors with soft, luxurious materials. Each clothing item is timeless, elegant, and comfortable while offering chic and effortless island lifestyle.

--- Montepulciano, Tuscany ---

One of Tuscany's prettiest towns, Montepulciano is well known not only for its Renaissance buildings and lovely churches but also renowned for the “Vino Nobile” Montepulciano wines. Put on our light wool cobalt plaid and hand-painted sneaker, paired with a cross-body for your travel essentials, and you're set to tour the town and vineyards. Our summer collection offers an equally chic casual style brought to you only by Via Luca.




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